ASAP Kicks Off 2017 with First Implementation in Pennsylvania

2017 is just a week old and already there is positive ASAP news. On January 6, Bucks County, PA went live with the service. This is the first ASAP implementation in the state of Pennsylvania.

“Bucks County went live with the ASAP program and VeASAP-Concept1Dctor Security on Friday, January 6, 2017 just before noon,” said Bill Hobgood, IT Project Manager for Public Safety at the City of Richmond VA, and ASAP subject matter expert. “The ASAP implementation by Bucks County is very exciting for the program and represents another project milestone. Aside from Bucks County being the 20th PSAP to implement ASAP, this is Northrop Grumman’s first implementation with the Northrop Grumman CAD product line, and the first ASAP implementation in the state of Pennsylvania.”

“Since Friday, Bucks County has received 17 alarm notifications from Vector Security,”  Hobgood added. “Pennsylvania is the eighth state to join the program and is open for ASAP business!”

For more information on the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) and how it can benefit PSAPs and alarm companies, visit ASAP. 

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