Breaking: Issue with Receiving Alarm Signals via Comcast

From AICC Chair Lou Fiore:

“We have received word of central stations complaining of issues receiving alarm signals since Friday, March 24. It turns out that the majority of the issues have Comcast as the originating carrier. The issue seems widespread from Massachusetts to Texas at the moment and may be spreading beyond. The majority of the issues are with the Contact ID format. It appears that the DTMF tones and the spaces between them are being lengthened.

“I have reached out to our contact at Comcast. They are aware of the problem, know the cause and are in the process of resolving it — hopefully within hours.

“I urge all affected central stations to fill out the AICC DACT survey so that we can track this issue and other similar issues.”

— March 31, 2015

Complete the AICC DACT Survey

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